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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TP Roll Apple Trees & Crescent Roll Mini Cinnamon Apple Pies

Craft: TP Roll Apple Trees 

These are so EASY to make & so festive to have around the house.

What You Need:
Toilet Paper Roll
green construction paper
green, red, yellow & brown paint
paint brushes

What to Do:
1. Paint the TP roll brown
 (this is optional but we wanted a darker brown)

2. Cut green tree top
(I drew it for them)

3. add apples using fingertips in colors of choice
- we used red, green & yellow

4. Allow pieces to dry

5. Once dry cut slits into both sides of TP roll 
and attach tree top to finish the apple trees

Preschool Math: Counting Apple Seeds
(from Confessions of a Homeschooler)

My Preschooler worked on this while my Kindergartener worked on homework but she decided she wanted to do it too. So that it wasn't too easy I took out the number cards and had her write the numbers for practice. I also had her count the seeds in spanish! :)

Kid Friendly Snack: Crescent Roll Mini Cinnamon Apple Pie

I have plans to bake an apple pie with the Lil Divas. 
It's been on my mind - YUM!

The Lil Divas & I made some Mini Apple Pies for dessert. 
None of this was made from scratch! :)
Yes, I cheated (for now) but this was SUPER EASY 

What You Need:
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
(1 can = 4 min pies)
Cinnamon Apple Pie Filling
Cinnamon Powder
cinnamon sugar

What to Do:

1. Open a can of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls & unfold.
2. Break into 4 equal pieces (2 crescent rolls each).
3. spread butter on the rolls and sprinkle with cinnamon powder
4. put some apple pie filling in the middle of each piece
(I cut the apple pieces into small pieces)
5. add more cinnamon powder on top of the apples
6. fold up so that the apples are covered and it forms a mini pie
7. sprinkle with cinnamon sugar

8. bake until golden -
heat oven to 375 degrees & bake for approx. 12-15 mins

EVERYONE enjoyed them!




  1. Great idea and looks easy. I'm looking for easy good desserts for October's National Dessert Month and want to make the desserts theme-related as well. This will fit with our apple week theme.

  2. The girls will love making those apple trees. So cute. Think that will be our final apple project. They love to paint.
    The snack looks yummy too.

  3. The pies look yummy! I really like your trees!

  4. Those pies look easy and yummy! Have crescent rolls in the fridge but need some pie filling. I will definitely have to get some. =)

  5. I love TP Roll trees! And yours turned out so perfect!

    Thank you for liking to Kids Get Crafty!


  6. What a great idea. I especially like the simple mini apple pies. I will make these.

  7. Those apple pie Crescent things look delicious!! I want to make some for myself!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe and fun apple activity last week on my mommy solution meme.

    Your post was one of the most clicked ideas.

    Hop over and check out your feature.

  9. I like the paper trees-- easy to make, and they really look nice!

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