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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Part 2 - Food & Games

Just wanted to wrap up our Earth Day Activities and share the last few things we did today.

First, the Littlest Diva decided we should all wear some green today - so we did! Cute idea!

All day we worked extra hard at remembering to save electricity, water, etc. It's of course important to do everyday but today the Lil Divas were extra vigilant! :)

For lunch, I made Earth inspired sandwiches -

It was just cream cheese (I added a drop of food coloring to make the blue and green) on toast but they found is festive!

As a special treat after dinner we made Earth cookies as well -

They were regular sugar cookies and I added a drop of blue food coloring to vanilla frosting to make the water and then we used green icing to add land. They were a hit - then again cookies are never turned down in the Lil Diva house! :)

Finally, we played Earth Day Bingo as a family at the end of the night. I made the printables myself and am sharing them here ---> Earth Day Bingo

How did you celebrate Earth Day?



  1. The cookies and sandwiches are awesome! Happy Earth Day!

  2. Love those earth cookies and sandwiches. Great idea!

    I hope you guys also have a great Easter!

    Long Wait For Isabella


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