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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dr. Seuss Theme - One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish, Blue Fish


*while reading be sure to discuss the opposites and rhyming words in the book*

Rainbow Goldfish Graphing Activity:

Peppridge Farm Colors Goldfish
Color Goldfish Cracker Graph <-- click here for my free download/printable

The 5yr. old Diva's finished graph

Step 1: Sort the goldfish by color (don't you just love the dreesed-up Diva Cowgirl, lol!) 

Step 2: Count each color & color the appropriate number of spaces on the graph

Step 3: Enjoy a goldfish cracker snack, lol! That's the best part of working with snack food - easy clean-up

Goldfish Bowl Craft

Fish Bowl template <-- click here for mine or you can make your own
goldfish cutouts on white paper
paints & brushes
black marker

Step 1: paint the water in the fish bowl

Step 2: paint the goldfish as desired

Step 3: let dry then add eye with black marker to goldfish

Step 4: glue goldfish to fish bowl as desired



  1. WHAT a GREAT idea.. LOVE it.. although my girls would never make it to the graph, they'd have eaten them ALL.. lol

  2. Cute girls !!!
    Drop by and follow me back when you can. Enjoyed my visit today :)

  3. love the craft idea.
    I am a new follower from the blog hop. Please follow me back. THanks

  4. Love the fish bowl craft! My kids would love this.

  5. love your Seuss ideas. how fun!

  6. Great Birthday Ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love the fish bowls (and the fish crackers are cute - not seen them in the UK) Thanks for joining the Carnival of Water Play :)

  8. I can't print the goldfish graph, but want to do it with my K library kids-- could you send it to me instead?
    Thanks -- love it!

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