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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Happens When a 3yr Old Gets Hold of Mommy's Camera?


I am saving these as blackmail for when she gets older :)

Seriously, you just have to LOVE this clown of a lil girl!

She's got PERSONALITY and adds JOY & LAUGHTER to our lives, along with lots of CRAZINESS!

Can you tell? :)


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Weather - RAIN!

This week we are focusing on Spring weather and since we just finished our Rainbow Theme it felt fitting to begin with RAIN!


Week Long Activity - Weather Journal

The Lil Divas are busy studying keeping a journal of the daily weather all week long. I made a simple printable and stapled it into a file folder so that it looks like a book/journal.

Weekly Weather Journal <--- click for printable
Printable Weather Stickers (courtesy of

Each day the Lil Divas decide what the weather is like and cut out the corresponding picture. They glue it into the correct day and write the word that goes with their picture. I have the words sunny, windy, cloudy and rainy written on index cards with picture clues as part of our Word List for this week.

Craft: Rainy Day Pictures

 What We Used:
White Cardstock Paper
Blue Paint
Green Paint
Cotton Balls
Silver Glitter Paint
Gold Glitter Paint
Blue Glitter Glue Pen

What We Did:
I told the Lil Divas we were going to make a picture of a rainy day so they set out to make scenery.

The Oldest Diva opted for a sky only picture so she began by painting the entire sheet blue (sky)

The Youngest Diva painted some grass and a blue sky backdrop

Then we added cotton ball clouds

 We used Silver Glitter Paint to make them look grey & stromy

 We added some rain, using blue glitter glue pens to make rain drops, and some lightning - I cut them out & the Lil Divas painted them with gold glitter paint and added them where they wanted.

 Alphabet Review Game

I used umbrella shaped calendar cut outs and then cut out raindrops from blue construction paper to make this simple Alphabet game.

I wrote the upper case letters of the alphabet on the umbrellas and the lower case letters of the alphabet on the raindrops

 I mixed up all the pieces and placed the umbrella pieces down where the Lil Divas could view them

 I put the raindrops faced down and they took turns turning over the pieces and then matching them to the correct umbrella

Stay tuned for more Rainy Day fun!

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CELEBRATE MOMS - Mother's Day Event Update

Wow! I am so excited about the upcoming Mother's Day event (April 24th - May 1st) we will be hosting here at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.

I have some amazing sponsors who have some truly awesome giveaways they are so graciously providing all in the name of spoiling some MOMS!

I am hard at work behind the scenes and I don't want to give too much away yet but of course I am having trouble keeping all this fabulousness to myself so I will tease you just a little bit. :)

Do you want to know some of the giveaways we have in store? Of course you do!

Shhh, don't tell anyone else - let's keep this just bewteen us but there will be some amazing jewelry (seriously fabulous stuff!), Thirty-One items (their stuff is gorgeous, practical and addictive!) handmade goodies from some fabulously talented Etsy ladies (kindle covers, totes, personalized family note cards...) whose shops I just can't stop browsing through - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeously crafted items!

The best part - I am not done! I am hard at work and determined to bring you even more goodies! After all there are no harder working people on this planet than us Moms & every now and then we deserve a lil good old fashioned spoiling!

Stay tuned & if you would like to sponsor our event (or know someone with great products) please contact me right away so I can work you into the schedule!

Let's CELEBRATE MOMS this Mother's Day! Event Details <----click here


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mom Confession - When is it Time to Ditch the Baby Monitor?

My Lil Divas are 5 and almost 4 and I still turn on the baby monitor every single night!

The last 2 nights it has really interfered with my sleep - picking up the sounds of Lil Diva snoring. I am a horribly light sleeper and I am thinking it's time to shut it off but just thinking about it made me feel panicked.

What if they need me and I can't hear them calling for me? Our rooms are fairly close together and on the same floor of the house but we close all the bedroom doors at night because the hubby gets up at 5am to go to work and I do not want them waking up at that hour because they hear him moving around downstairs.

I know you are sitting there probably thinking to yourself - they are old enough to come get you if they really need you! That makes perfect sense, I am just not sure it would work for my Lil Divas. My oldest is afraid of the dark and still wakes up some nights calling for me. She WILL NOT get out of bed and make the walk to my room in a dark house. She will scream until someone comes - waking up her sister who sleeps in the same room and everyone else in the house. The monitor lets me hear her quickly so that I can keep her from bellowing loud enough to wake her sister (and the neighbors).

Her night screams do not happen often but they do still occur and it's the main reason I have kept the monitor on this long. The other reason -

What if they are sick? There have been times when I have been alerted by the monitor that something was wrong that I am almost sure I would not have heard otherwise. My youngest has allergies and asthma and has woken up coughing and having difficulty breathing in the middle of the night. I was able to get to her quickly because I heard it via the monitor.

Does anyone else have this co-dependent relationship with their baby monitor? I can sit here all day coming up with more scenarios and rationalizing my continued use of it without any babies in the house but really the bottom line is that I'm just scared. Scared that I will fall into such noise free blissful sleep for the first time in over 5 years that I will not hear them if they did need me. That worries me.

When I worry, I can't sleep! So actually if I turned it off - I probably still wouldn't be able to sleep. I'd be too busy fine tuning my super sonic mom hearing all night to be sure everything was ok to actually get any sleep, lol!

What if I promise to turn it off before they hit the teenage years? Then again, a hidden baby monitor in a teenage girls room might be pretty awesome! :)

So help me out here mommys& daddys - when did you turn off your baby monitors for good?

Am I just being an over-protective mom or is this normal? (Someone please tell me I'm not that crazy, lol!)


Baby Love Boutique & Kidorable Giveaway Winners Announcement!

So sorry for the delay but I have been having computer issues :(

Now on to the fun stuff:

The 2 lucky Baby Love Boutique Giveaway Winners:

Winner of the Custom Bow is:

Sarah from Moose tracks and Tater stacks with Comment #11 - Sarah said I already follow you on GFC :)


Winner of the Itty Bitty Clippie Sets is:

Comment # 16 - nannabear2010 said I love the ittie bittie clippie set! Congrats Nannabear - please reply to this post or e-mail me (contact info available on sidebar) within 48 hrs - you did not leave a contact e-mail!

Winner of the Kidorable Umbrella Giveaway is:

Kristen over at Our Crazy Bunch with Comment #25 -  Our Crazy Bunch said I liked Kidorable on FB

Congrats Kristen!

All 3 winners will be contacted via e-mail (if provided) or via this post and have 48 hrs. to respond or I will randomly draw a new winner.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: Sprig Toys Dolphin Explorer Boat

Sprig Toys offers eco-friendly toys made of recycled sprigwood and reclaimed plastic.

The Lil Divas had the opportunity to review the Dolphin Explorer Boat from the fun Adventure Series Toys.

 I knew Sprig toys were eco-friendly and kid powered (no batteries required just lots of imagination & movement from the kids) and as a mom and teacher I value those things but I was also immediately impressed with the toy right down to the minimal packaging. Way to keep it green! I really have a problem with all that excess packaging that comes with so many toys today.

The Dolphin Explorer Set comes with the large Explorer Boat, a smaller rescue boat, a life preserver, a mother & baby dolphin and Captain Owen the Adventurer with his hat and backpack accessories.

 As soon as the package arrived and the Lil Divas spotted the boats & dolphins, they wanted to play! So off we went to enjoy some water play in the bath tub with our Dolphin Explorer Boat.

 The Lil Divas had lots of fun with this toy. It was a change of pace from all their high tech toys and they were happily engaged in imaginative play, making up stories and character roles while enjoying some splashy water fun. Captain Owen doesn't even have a face - so how he looks is all up to your lil adventurer! I love the open ended possibilities these toys offer!

The Lil Divas have been eager to play with the explorer boat every time they take a bath.  There's always a new adventure to be had.  It's one toy I don't mind them wanting to play with over and over again because they aren't wasting any batteries that I have to constantly change. They are working with the pure magic of their imagination and I can tell you we have had some fun and unique adventures along the way.

The explorer boat has worked well in the bathtub and is easy to care for - I just turn it upside down and the water empties out and everything dries looking like new. We are also able to fit all the pieces right into the explorer boat so it doesn't take up much room and storage hasn't been a problem.

Sprig Toys has some wonderful green toys and story blocks available that will fuel your child's imagination and according to the site more toys (and a new girl's line) are coming soon!

The Lil Divas (and their Mom) give Sprig Toys a big thumbs up and we will be monitoring to see what else they come up with because if it's anything like what we have seen and experienced - it's sure to be good!

You can also visit and follow Sprig Toys via their Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all their latest news.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rainbow Theme: Skittles & Jello Food Fun

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Skittles Math

What You Need
bag of skittles
Skittles Math Sheets

I randomly gave each Lil Diva 20 skittles out of a bag to use for our graph.

We worked on analyzing the graph and did some addition problems using the template I made (provided above)

Then they made some Skittles patterns

and since you can't have fun with Skittles and not "taste the rainbow"  here's a kid-friendly snack idea:

Jello Rainbow Snack 

This took 2 days of prep time but the girls really helped along the way and it was fun (except for when they kept asking if it was done, lol!)

What You Need:
clear cups
jello in rainbow colors - we used strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, berry blue & grape

1. Make the jello according to the package directions.
*You will be making 1 color at a time - leave approximately 3 hrs. for hardening time before adding the next color. This is why it was a 2 day process but it was worth it - it's really easy to do & so fun to eat!*

2. Divide the liquid up among your cups - I used 9 oz. cups and poured approximately 1/4 cup of jello liquid and it made 12 cups total which were filled just below the top. It worked out perfectly.

I started with the bottom of the rainbow - purple/grape and worked my way to red/strawberry at the top.

Here we are halfway done (purple, blue & green)

My Lil Helpers mixing the jello

A completed Rainbow Jello Cup

You can add a whipped cream cloud if you like :)

 Then, enjoy!

What, doesn't everyone eat their jello wearing a tiara, lol!

No rainbow day is complete without some art so after tasting the rainbow we decided to "paint the rainbow"

Painting Rainbows

We hope you enjoyed our Rainbow Theme!

Next we will be exploring Spring Weather.


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