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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Winter Theme - M is for Mitten (The Mitten by Jan Brett)

To begin our new theme, M is for Mitten, we read one of my fave winter stories:

The Mitten by Jan Brett

The girls just loved the idea of all these animals squeezing into this mitten and then having a lil mouse being responsible for them all flying out!

Since they enjoyed the story so much (and of course the animals) I knew I had to incorporate the book into one of our activities so I checked out Jan Brett's website and was so happy to find a great story activity for The Mitten.

Put the Animals in the Mitten Activity printables

What we did:

* We opted to keep the mittens white - as they were in the story. I ended up cutting them out and gluing them while the girls colored the animals because I wanted them to be ready and the girls had really wanted to color the animals first! I knew they would be impatient if they had to wait for the mittens to dry after the nimals were ready so I just did it for them.*

Step 1: The girls colored the animal pictures - Can you see the level of concentration on their faces? It was adorable! :)

Step 2: We cut out the animals and then we spent some time going through the stiry sequence and putting them in order of how they went in the mitten. We talked about their sizes and if they would really fit in a mitten.

Step 3: The girls put their animals inside the mitten in the same sequence as that which occured in the story.

Step 4:  Once we got to the Little Mouse - we let the animals all fly out! This was by far their favorite part! :)

Letter M Review Activity:

My girls love Do-A-Dot Art so I knew this activity would be a hit! What better way to practice how to forma letter M and review what it looks like than by doing some Do-A-Dot art!

I got the printable template from Confessions of a Homeschooler - Letter M Do-a-Dot Template

Confessions of a Homeschooler has a wonderful website! I was honestly giddy with excitement when I found her! Take the time to check it out - you will not be sorry!

Notice the pattern she made w/the colors! :) She was so proud of it!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I was too giddy with excitement when I found her site. Thanks for sharing your adventures with the mitten! We're hoping to start it next week providing the library gets it back in by then :)

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  3. What fun activities! I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment about the loss of my dog, Precious.

    I'm now following you back. Thanks for the follow :)


  4. Loved that book as a kid!

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