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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fussy Eaters

My little Divas who as babies not only ate well but also ate a wide range of fruits and vegetables have become fussy eaters. Mealtimes are like torture for both them and me. It usually involves lots of whining...most of it on my part, begging them to eat - something, anything off their plate!

As a result I am left feeling exasperated and dare I say it - like a bad mom. Why? I can't take it so I give in and let them eat the same things all the time - it's better than having them starve, right? I honestly don't know! I have spoken to our pediatrician who informs me, they will eat when they are hungry. Really? I tried that approach and Jas literally starved herself for almost 2 days. Yes, seriously for 2 days she ate almost nothing. I don't know how she did it but I could not let that continue! I feared for what would happen!

My pediatrician also kindly informed me that it takes kids anywhere from 9-90 times to adapt to a new food! Really? That's 9-90 times of me practically forcing them to "try" something before they can even determine if they like it or not! See what I mean by my use of the word torture. TORTURE!

So our food routine (and I do mean routine) consists of the same few meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dare I elaborate? I'm sure you know what it entails - cereal, pancakes, french toast and the occasional egg for breakfast. Grilled cheese, ham and cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza, mac and cheese and the occasional tuna fish on crackers for lunch (sometimes dinner too if I am making something they will not have any part of ). Dinner is the real nightmare at my house - more often than not they barely eat anything at all! Chicken, pasta, rice.... I actually have to pretend all meat is chicken or they will not eat it!

They do like corn, carrots and the occasional sweet peas! They love bread, cheese, yogurt and all kinds of fruits!

When we eat at someone's house I always have to worry about possibly feeding them something before or after becasue they will not try anything new! Restaurants are the same - if they don't offer grlled cheese, pizza, or mac & cheese - we can't go! :(

I am getting pretty tired of the daily 3 times a day ordeal.  I also worry that they aren't getting all the nutrients they need but how can I make them not only try new things but actually sit down and eat without me having to fight with them about it or feed them?

I'm not sure, but if I find the answer - I'll be sure to share! I Hope you'll do the same. Till then I just thought I'd share because I know I can't be the only mom struggling with fussy eaters and sometimes just knowing you're not alone helps!

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