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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Jack: Our North Pole Elf

While subbing in a Kindergarten classroom last year I stumbled upon the classroom "elf" - straight from the North Pole & sent by Santa himself to watch over the children! During my free period I read the book that accompanied the elf & instantly knew I had to get my own Elf on the Shelf for my lil Divas!
The concept behind the Elf on the Shelf is that the elf acts as Santa's eyes and ears, reporting the lil Divas behavior to the big guy, Santa, himself! It was a hit last year and the girls would race downstairs each morning to spy where he was! During the bustle and excitement of the holidays it really was nice to remind them that the elf was watching their every transgression and see that "UH!OH!" moment come over them.

Not only did this little elf actually work, he provided much more than I had anticipated. I routinely found the girls talking to him - sending messages for Santa and of course trying to convince him not to report the not so good things he had seen! It was simply adorable. We were all sad to see him go when he left with Santa on Christmas Eve last year!

So on Thanksgiving night we happily read the book again in preparation of his arrival & boy were the girls excited to see that our elf has indeed returned to perform his "watchful" task over them again this year!

Here he is on Day #1 where he was found perched above our window so that he would have a really good view of what's happening in our house during the day!

I am happy to report that our elf finally got a name this year after a few trials and of course quarrels. Bri wanted to name him Justin (after Justin Bieber) and Jas wanted to name him Elmo. The lil Divas finally agreed on Jack! :)  Sadly, last year he was just known as "elf" because they could not agree on a name and I did not want to name him for them. I figured it would come in due time and I really wanted them to do it themselves.

I am looking forward to a fun month of Jack's escapades and I know my Lil Diva's are too because it's the first thing on their mind when they wake up in the morning. I think sneaky Jack just might have few tricks up his sleeve this year so stay tuned to see where he turns up next!  :)

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