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Monday, August 10, 2015

The Best Amazon Teacher Supply Deals

I love shopping on Amazon. They have amazing deals, I can shop in my pjs at whatever time of day I want and as a prime member I get all my goodies delivered to my door in just 2 days (sometimes even faster!).

Scotch Thermal Laminator  - This little laminator is awesome! Amazon throws some amazing deals on it so be sure to scope it out before you buy. I scored mine for $17, have had it for a few years now and use it A LOT. You know teachers LOVE to laminate everything so we can re-use it. It's still ticking with absolutely no issues. I highly recommend this laminator to have at home or school.

Apache 100 Pack Clear Universal Thermal Laminating Pouches  - With all the laminating teachers do we need inexpensive pouches that work. Don't be fooled because these are not "name" brand pouches - they WORK and cost so much less!

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers - This is one of those purchases that's just for FUN. I love using Mr. Sketch markers when working on charts or going around the room and checking my students' work. They smell so fun! The students love it and get such a kick out of trying to guess which scent I will use. Amazon usually has these for the lowest prices out of all the stores/retailers.

Expo Dry Erase Markers - Using colors while I'm teaching helps keep my students' attention and let's me have a little fun with my visuals. I set aside "Teacher Only" dry erase markers and my students know not to use them. You can catch some back to school sales for these but if your colors run dry or you find yourself needing more - Amazon usually has them at a reasonable price when compared to office supply stores.

Sharpie Fine-Tip Permanent Markers - Sharpies! Am I the only one with a sincere love & addiction to all the colors?!  I have tons of sharpies, yet I'm always grabbing a new color. I use them for everything - posters, charts, labeling, etc. Unless you score a super sale at Office Depot or Staples (usually only on 1 marker at a time) during Back to School sales Amazon sells the big packs for the best deal you can get your hands on.

Standard Pocket Charts - Are you ready for this? Amazon has tons of pocket charts in all different colors and sizes and they are usually cheaper than you can snag them for in Teacher Supply Stores! Pocket charts can be pricey BUT they are also a teacher must have because they are so versatile in the classroom. Check out all the pocket charts Amazon has to offer before buying anywhere else - you'll most likely save if you're not in a hurry to purchase.

PaperPro Prodigy One-Finger Stapler  - I can't tell you how many staplers I have gone through because I have gone for what's on sale. They just don't last or hold up to stapling on bulletin boards, walls, etc. A GOOD stapler is an investment that teachers need to make! This one is AMAZING - so easy to use yet durable. I like the fun red one because I like to add a fun pop of color to my supplies when I can.

Swingline Desktop Hole Punch - I honestly don't know what I'd do without my desktop hole punch. I use it ALL the time for teaching and Girl Scouts. I've had this hole punch for years and it's still going strong. Amazon's price beats all the local office supply stores.


School Smart Electric Standard Pencil Sharpener  - We have this pencil sharpener at home and it's awesome. It's a compact size, works super fast and really sharpens well.  It is only good for standard width pencils though so I couldn't use it in my classroom.  I also have to admit it's not the quietest sharpener but it works so fast that it's not disruptive. After countless sharpeners that simply did a poor job of sharpening our pencils or broke easily I am happy to have finally found a winner.

  X-Acto School Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener  - This is the pencil sharpener I have in my classroom. As a kindergarten Teacher we start the year off with wide pencils. Most standard sized pencil sharpeners don't account for those pencils. This one has a handy dial made for different sized pencils - perfect for the classroom! Amazon usually has it for cheap - I got mine for less than $25.

Bostitch Magnetic Staple Remover  - I can't tell you how many nails I've broken over the years removing staples from walls or bulletin boards. This staple remover is my FAVE and I hide (ok, maybe hoard is a better word) it so that it doesn't get "lost". You'll thank me for this one!

Paper Mate Assorted Color Pens  - Gone are the days of correcting student papers in red - get colorful! I might have a thing for colorful writing tools but these making writing notes, correcting student work, etc so much more fun.

These are just a few of my teacher "must-haves".  I hope the list is helpful to you.  
What are some of your teacher "must-haves"

Here's to scoring some great deals as you shop for your teacher supplies. 


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