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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Future Soccer Star?

The Littlest Diva started soccer this past weekend. It was her first official time on the soccer field and her first attempt at an organized sport. She LOVED it!

The Oldest Diva tried soccer over two years ago without much success. She strongly preferred socializing on the field with the other players and gazing at the sky versus actually chasing after the ball.

I was concerned we would have more of the same with the Littlest Diva. Boy, was I wrong. My little aggressive, go getter of a Diva was out there full throttle the entire time. She fought her way through the throng of children and was right in the midst of all the action, kicking the ball and taking part in every aspect of the game. I was a proud mama. She gave it her all & enjoyed herself. I couldn't ask for more.

Her favorite part? In my opinion, it had to be the kicks! Ok, maybe that was my favorite part but take a peek at the height of these kicks. It's got to be the dance classes she takes, right? I love it. It was pretty amazing to watch my baby in action. She really isn't a baby anymore, is she? No matter, she will always be my baby.

These are the moments I hold dear. Watching her grow, try new things and spread her wings fills my heart with pride. Her joy was evident as she played, as was her sense of accomplishment at the end of the game. 

She keeps asking when she will get to play again. I just might have a future soccer star on my hands. :)

Do your children participate in organized sports?
I'd love to hear about it.


My Wordless Wednesdays aren't very wordless are they?  
My apologies but I just can't seem to stay quiet.  


  1. I had to laugh at your post on facebook: 'We got such a kick out of watching her play' No pun intended, huh?! LOL

  2. She is so cute! With a kick like that maybe she should be a punter or field goal kicker on a football team. hehe Anyway, I just boo-ed you on my blog. Come stop by to check out the criteria if you wish to participate!


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