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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Cotton Candy & Clown Crafts + A Visit to the Circus

This past weekend we took the Lil Divas to the circus for the 1st time.
What an awesome, fun-filled day!

We started the day with clown pancakes.
You know how I LOVE my festive pancakes!

Clown Pancakes

Our show wasn't until the afternoon & excitement/anticipation filled the air, so I came up with a few easy and fun activities to help us pass some of the time.

Puffy Paint Cotton Candy

Puffy paint makes everything so fun 
& this really looked like cotton candy too.

Paper Plate Clowns

Circus Time

Light up wands in hand the Lil Divas were ready for some fun.

we went early to catch the pre-show & that was beyond fun. 
Close-up with the elephants and clowns - what an experience!

The Oldest Diva fell in LOVE with all the acrobats
(she now insists she will be one herself when she grows up)

The animals were simply amazing.
I only wish I could get the Lil Divas to listen to me so well ;)

It was a fabulous show which we all enjoyed
& another wonderful family first/memory made with the Lil Divas.



  1. Wow! Looks like you had a superfun time and I love all the lead up to the actual day! Great crafts. My kids tried real cotton candy for the first time this weekend and had more fun squishing it in their fists than eating it. Thank goodness :-)

  2. Fun!

    Come link up & be sure to join me for the launch of Friendship Friday this week!



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