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Friday, December 23, 2011

Upcycled Christmas Tree Craft + Fun Kids Snack

We don't usually buy 2 liter soda bottles but I bought some for our Halloween party back in October and when I went to recycle them - the green Sprite bottle instantly gave me visions of Christmas Trees so I saved it to use later.

Fast forward to later & I had apparently completely forgotten about my inspired bottle craft until my hubby asked me just the other day if he could finally put in the recycling bin since I had not used it. What? The poor logical man really has no idea that these things can & should be saved for long periods of time until inspiration hits (haha!).

Here it is in all it's glory - 
Upcycled Soda Bottle Christmas Tree Craft

Isn't it cute? 
A perfect centerpiece for the table during the holiday season
& it was so easy to make. 

What You Need:
green soda bottle 
(we used a 2 liter bottle but you could make mini trees with a smaller size)
pipe cleaners
pom poms (various colors & sizes)
craft glue

What We Did:

1. We wrapped pipe cleaners around the bottle as garland
I just let the Lil Divas wrap them together anyway they wanted.

2. Add lots & lots of pom pom ornaments!

I also made a pipe cleaner star for the top which 
was just inserted from the bottle opening.

A fun, easy, festive & cute upcycled Christmas Tree!

Snack Time Fun: 
Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

These are by no means a new or original idea but they were new to the Lil Divas and that made them fabulous all over again for me too. 

Step 1
Cover your sugar cone with lots of green frosting

Step 2:
Decorate with small candies

Step 3:

What Christmas Tree crafts did you enjoy this holiday season?
It's never too early to begin planning for next year! 


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