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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monster Brains Sensory Bin Scavenger Hunt

Yes, Halloween is officially over but we are having a Monster Themed week around here in Lil Diva Land so I had to share this with you because it was just so much slippery, slimy fun!

Monster Brains Sensory Bin Scavenger Hunt

What You Need:
plastic bin
food coloring in desired colors
small items to hide

What To Do:
Note: I made 5 bins so I used 1.5 box for each color spaghetti = 5 boxes

1. Cook spaghetti and run under cold water to cool.
2. Separate amounts as desired for colors.
3. In ziploc bags add drops of food coloring
4. Mix in spaghetti, seal and mash to color spaghetti.
5. Add more food coloring as needed 
until you get all noodles saturated in their desired colors.
6. Repeat for each color.

Tip - Add some olive oil to the colored noodles - this makes them extra slimy, keeps them from sticking and also helps with the food coloring on hands when playing with the bins. We were able to wipe hands easily.

7. Mix noodles into bin(s) - you now have your monster brains ready!

8. Add in your scavenger hunt items - be sure to hide them well throughout the bin. 

Tip: Have a photo of what they children are looking for. I set out all the items, took a picture and printed a copy for each group.

Our Scavenger Hunt:

9. Let the kids have a blast finding the items! 
This is some serious slimy & slippery fun!

Eeeew, gross! 

This activity/game will be done again for sure!

The idea for the colored spaghetti came from 
Jamie over at Hands On: As We Grow. 
As soon as I saw her fun Spaghetti Potion post - I was inspired!




  1. That's a lot of spaghetti! haha! At a Halloween party I had, I remember my parents putting together a bunch of food for parts of the body - and I vividly remember the spaghetti as the brains! I was so scared to do it, it was in the dark...

  2. I LOVE this idea. So much fun! I would so do this in a sensory box for my toddler.

  3. I bet that was so much fun for everyone! I love the idea of making it into a scavenger hunt. Great job! I'm pinning this and sharing on Facebook/Twitter. I need to remember this!

  4. Looks like a great time!! Happy belated Halloween!

  5. yuuuuuk! A perfect halloween game :-)

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  6. That looks disgustingly fun! You are so creative! Thanks for linking to TGIF Linky Party!
    Beth =-)

  7. thank you my preschoolers will love this tomorrow!!

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