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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rotten Apple! A Sight Word Learning and Review Game

I am so excited to share this game with you! The Lil Divas have been having so much fun playing with it this week. My Kindergarten Diva is recalling her sight words with ease and pointing them out to me everywhere - in the books we read, signs we see, on television commercials, etc...! Even my Pre-K Diva is recalling more of them and wants in on the fun! I am so proud! Thank you for letting me have this "Mom Brag Moment". 

Rotten Apple! 
A Sight Word Review Game

Rotten Apple! A Sight Word Review Game
by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

What You Need:
large piece of brown and green felt to make tree
small baskets (1 for each child)
apple cutouts
permanent marker
worm clip art (2)
1. Cut out a large tree trunk using the brown felt.
2. Cut out the leafy part of the tree using the green felt.
3. Write out sight words on your apple cutouts. 
I used these because they reminded me of memory/matching game cards

Note: I am using the Dolch Pre-Primer & Primer Lists

4. Glue the worm clip art on 2 apple cards.

5. On 2 other apple cards write Go Again! or type it out and glue it on.

Here's a close up of some of my cards:

How to Play:

1. Put the tree together on the floor or another large work space
Note: I did not glue my tree together but you can if you prefer.

2. Place apples on tree with words facing down.

3. Each child should have a basket for their picked apples

Playing the Game:
1. Children will take turns picking an apple off the tree.
(we started with the youngest first)

2. If child can read the sight word written on the apple - the apple goes into their basket. If they can not read the word the apples goes back on the tree.

3. If a child picks a rotten apple - an apple with a picture of a worm ALL their apples must be put back on the tree. This was a great leveler because even though my Oldest Diva knows more sight words at any time she could pick the rotten apple and have to put all her apples back on the tree.

4. If a child turns over a Go Again! card they get to pick 2 consecutive apples.

Note: after the Worm or Go Again! cards have been picked I took them out of the game

5. Continue picking apples until they have all been picked from the tree.

6. The child with the most apples in their basket is the winner.

What has me most excited about this game is that it can be modified for different ages and topics to suit your particular needs - letters, numbers, emotions, first words, vocabulary, math, comprehension questions, etc...

With Rotten Apple -
The possibilities are endless!




  1. I'm always looking for new ways to practice sight words. Looks like so much fun! I'm pinning this one for future use.

  2. What a great pre-k activity for learning sight words. Thanks.

  3. Such an awesome idea!! I'm pinning this and can't wait to try it out!

  4. Love this!!! I have been making a similar game with popcorn. Love the rotten apple idea ;0)

  5. what a cute idea! I love this! I am going to steal it to help my daughter learn some sight words:)

  6. What a great game, I can't wait until my preschooler is ready to play this against her older sister. Hopefully soon!

  7. Its really very good designs make by kids...Playing Cards

  8. Fun!! :-) What else is there to say?!

    Fab to always have you on Kids Get Crafty!


  9. Not sure how I missed this post. This is an awesome idea. I love the worm in the apple and go again cards.
    Just not sure where to find big pieces of felt. Do you know if Walmart would carry it?

  10. This looks like fun! I am not sure JDaniel would be excited about putting all the apples back.

  11. Wow this is great. I tried a sight word memory game with my son this week and it didn't work because it was too much work to find the matches - your way is much easier for them and less frustrating!!

  12. I like it! Great fall craft/game!

  13. Thanks! I just pinned this - I want to try it with my first graders.
    Jacqueline (visiting from TT and J)

  14. Even though this was played with 2 children using game for just one child would work just because they are learning. I love your craft ideas.

  15. I teach first grade and I love this idea. The tree pocket chart will be great for this game. Plan to use this in a small group setting to practice sight words! Might put in a center for math to practice math facts. Thank you so much for sharring!!!

  16. Hi! I began homeschooling my son who's in 2nd grade almost 3 months ago, and I'm also working with my 3 year old daughter who has already learned over 50 sight words. I really love this idea for a game!! This will help with her learning the new ones that we are about to start on!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :)


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