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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 6/15 {w/Linky} - Daring Divas

My Daring Lil Divas love jumping in the pool!

They never get tired of trying to jump higher and higher,

or trying to outdo each other by adding fancy spins! :)

and since big sis can't be outdone -
we must be extra daring and jump into deep water without an aid!

Guess, she wins....this time anyway!


Now it's your turn -
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  1. Oh, good ole' sibling contests! Takes me back to when my brother and I always had to try to outdo each other!

  2. They look like they are having an awesome time! Yay for summertime!

  3. my oldest just started swimming lessons and she was THRILLED to tell me she put her head in the water (it was only her face really but still...)

    Cute girls!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time!!

    I wish it was warm enough here to swim. Get a few dips in for us!


  5. Swimming is the best! Our pool is still too chilly for my littles. They chiver up a cold each time... but we are awaiting the extra hot days to be out swimming.

  6. What a fun watery day i like the cross legged photo best

    Have a lovely day :-)

  7. That's exactly what my two do! It's a kid thing! Great pics. Thanks for linking up! Happy WW!

  8. Love the fancy spins! Happy Wednesday!

  9. I remember doing that with my sister. Major competition going on. ;)

  10. oh the exuberance and sheer joy of living! beautiful little girls!

  11. pool pics seem to be popular today. :)

  12. Oh to be a child again.... :)

  13. That looks like so much fun!

    Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

  14. great photos....looks like they are enjoying their summer so far.


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