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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Theme - Here Comes Peter Cottontail.....

This post is devoted entirely to bunnies and.... toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, fingerprints and french toast! :)

Sounds confusing but actually it isn't so join us for some Easter Bunny themed fun!

Books We Read:

Craft #1 - Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

What You Need:
toilet paper roll
white paint
white & pink construction paper
pink & black marker
cotton balls
wiggly eyes

What To Do:

1. Paint the toilet paper roll white & allow to dry

 2. While waiting for the roll to dry you can make bunny ears using the white construction paper - we used the pink for the inner ear.

3. Once the roll is dry you can glue the ears to the inside of the roll so they peek out and use the pink marker to make a bunny nose

 3. Using the black marker add a mouth and whiskers

4. Glue on wiggly eyes & let set for a few minutes (so they don't run)

5. While waiting for the eyes to dry - cut out some bunny feet like below to place under the toilet paper roll. I made them long in back so that it would come up over the roll (see below)

6. Glue feet to bottom & roll and glue tab in back - this helped it stay in place & was covered by the tail

7. Glue cotton balls to back for tail & behold your adorable TP Roll Bunny!

Craft #2 - Fingerprint Bunny  - we used these to make Easter cards for the grandparents but you could also do a few on a paper and turn it into a cute Easter scene or decorate a tile as a keepsake, etc... so many possibilities!

What You Need:
construction paper (whatever color you would like for the card or background)
white paint
black & pink markers

What To Do:

1. Put white paint on child's thumb and press onto paper for body

2. Put white paint onto child's pointer finger and apply on top of thumbprint for head

3. Put white paint onto child's pinky and make arms & feet

4. Put white paint onto child's pinky - extending beyond fingertip for ears

5. Allow paint to dry and then use black and  pink markers to make eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, inner ears, etc.

Craft # 3 Handprint Bunny - this would also make a cute card or other momento

What You Need:
white paint
pink paint
yellow paint
paint brushes
construction paper – for background
2 wiggly eyes (these can also be drawn using markers)
green shredded paper Easter grass (you can also draw grass or use construction paper)
black marker

What To Do:

1. Paint palm of hand using white paint

This will make the bunny’s body

2. Paint palm of hand & pointer finger and ring finger using white paint and press firmly near top of body print.

3. Use thumbprint to make feet.

After you have completed steps 1-3 above your bunny will look like this:

You can add hands - we forgot & after I realized the Lil Divas decided to leave them as they were.

4. Use thumbprint dipped in pink paint to make nose – apply sideways.

5. Once paint has dried – add wiggle eyes and use marker to draw a mouth and toes on feet (if desired).

 6. Add grass below bunny.

We added a sun for extra scenery. Remember - you can add whatever details you like and leave out what you don’t!

Food Idea: Bunny French Toast

I used a bunny face shaped cookie cutter to cut my bread and cooked my french toast as usual

Once the french toast was done I used raisins for the eyes and nose and red writing gel (for food) to add a mouth and ear details. This was so simple & the girls LOVED it!

Hope you enjoyed our Bunny crafts!



  1. Looks like some fun craft projects for you and your girls. I made a bunny shaped cake for our Easter table. You'll have to stop by for a Latte' and check it out!

  2. great ideas!!! i might b trying these!!!

  3. Thanks for linking up to Smile With Me Saturday!

  4. Hey chica- I gave you the Versatile Blogger award for all of your hard work and efforts! Check it out

    Take care ;-)

  5. What an amazing set of bunnies!

  6. oooh and how many cute bunnies did you make!! Each more cute than the previous ones! Love the TP Roll one... but also the thumbrprint and handprint bunnies!!!

    Thanks (again) for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!!


  7. We made some TP bunnies this week too. Also found templates for chicks and sheep online. Did you enjoy Looking for Easter? I've been on the hunt for an Easter book I really love.

  8. Love all the crafts. I made sandwiches for my kids today with that same cookie cutter.

  9. Love the Bunny French toast. Archiving this for next year when the boys 'get" Easter more!

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Juice. Hope to see you back again this week.

  10. Great ideas love your site will come back often thanks

  11. So cute! I love finger painting projects for the kids. They have so much fun with it.

  12. Can nicely write on similar topics! Welcome to here you'll find out how it should look.


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