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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Fun Day - Strawberry Picking


The Lil Divas LOVE strawberry picking! We have a local U-Pick Farm that we just adore - Bedners Farm Fresh Market in Boynton Beach, FL. They have fabulous u-pick fields of veggies, strawberries and sunflowers! During the fall they even have a pumpkin patch & hay rides.

Me & my 2 fave girls

On this particular day it the strawberries were rather scarce but we still had a fun time - it was more like a treasure hunt & they girls were thrilled when they found a worthy strawberry.

The strawberry hunt in on!

Jackpot - we found some strawberries

In the end all the Lil Divas hunting paid off - we came home with some yummy strawberries to snack on! It was a good day!

Don't these strawberries look YUMMY!



  1. It looks like you found good ones! Another fun activity is raspberry picking!! :) I'm so happy your family went. We go alot and I LOVE seeing families go.


  2. Strawberry picking is so much fun! Now I'm craving for strawberry shortcake!!!

    I'm visiting from the blog hop!!

  3. Hey! Where did you guys go!? Here is a link that contains places in S. FL for picking various fruits/vegetables. Thought you might want to share...


  4. Telma - we went to Bedner's farm. We really enjoy our trips there. Thanks for the link - will definitely check out the others! I love to go and pick our own every now and then! :)

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  6. I wish it was warm enough here to pick strawberries!!

    Thanks for stopping by Im already a follower!

  7. Love that where ever you live it is warm enough to pick strawberries! We miss strawberry picking!! Your girls are completely adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am returning to the follow and look forward to reading more!

  8. WOW... looks like you guys had a GREAT time... (=... BTW.. gotta a little award for ya @

  9. Such a great educational activity for kids... hope they'll like to eat fruits and veggies everyday :)
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  10. Looks like fun! We got rained out this year when we went! Hope you had a great weekend.

  11. I miss strawberry picking, no strawberries here in Hawaii (at least not imported ones...plenty of pineapple though, but they aren't open for picking, and I wouldn't want to even if they's a rough job!).


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