Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wet Chalk Tape Resist Easter Egg Painting

My preschoolers love drawing with chalk - on our chalkboard, on the pavement outside, on our classroom writing table and of course on paper. I just knew they would enjoy drawing with wet chalk. So, when I was planning some Easter activities I decided to combine two (2) things they enjoy - chalk and tape!

Wet Chalk Tape Resist Easter Egg Painting

I cut out large egg templates from card stock. Then I provided the children with the template, tape, scissors, chalk and some water. The children used the tape and scissors to make a design on their egg template.

Once they had their desired design, they began using their chalked dipped in water to paint.

I loved all the colorful eggs that the children made. Some separated colors by sections using many colors, some used 2 or 3 colors and others just happily scribbled many different colors all over the eggs. Whatever their chosen method - they all enjoyed the process and each egg was unique.

We let the eggs dry before taking the tape off because with the wet paper and tape I was worried about rips and tears. Once the eggs were dry, the tape was relatively easy to peel off. 

Lovely! Isn't it?

Have you given wet chalk painting a try?

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  1. Love this, Bern! Great new spin you've put on an old favourite! They're so pretty!

  2. We love a good tape resist, and this one turned out fantastic! Super pretty.

  3. hi, i love this, what kind of tape works best?

    1. you can use painter's tape or masking tape - we used colored masking tape that we had on hand at school. The trick is to peel slowly and not while the paper is completely wet - wait until it's dry. Some paper will come off but it's minimal.

  4. Great project, and a great blog. Thanks for clearing up what kind of tape works! I'd like to link my readers to this project. But I think I'll look through your site and review the whole blog on my Family Fun Websites page.

  5. This looks really neat. I've never thought about wetting chalk. Have to try it soon.


  6. Do you think you could do this with canvas?

  7. What a lovely idea, I did this with the elderly and it was a great success. Thank you

  8. Could you do the tape/chalk effect on Easter eggs also, using thin strips of tape?

  9. doing this with my kindergarten class this week! they will love it! but i HATE to touch chalk. i actually thought about putting on gloves when i showed them what we were going to do...

  10. gave you a shout out on my classroom blog :)

  11. I love it, love it, love it! I am forsure going to try this with my class!

  12. Thank you for the inspiration! I am the Activity Director at a Retirement Community and when one of my staff called off sick today, of course I turned to Pinterest for my inspiration. My residents living on our Dementia unit loved the project. We used watercolor paper and it was amazing to watch them putting the blue painters tape on in just the design that they wanted. They really enjoyed wetting the chalk and doing the coloring but the amazing part was watching their reaction as we took off the tape to reveal their masterpiece. So many of them told me they were not an artist when we started the project but when it was all done all of them were pleased with the result and decided that their creation would be considered art and they were proud of it. Thank you again for the inspiration!

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  14. Do you know if the chalk will work on fingerpaint paper?


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