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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Melted Heart Rainbow Crayon Valentines

This year I wanted to do something different 
for the Lil Divas friends for Valentine's Day.
Instead of candy, pencils, lollipops, etc... we made
Melted Heart Rainbow Crayons
I LOVE how they turned out!

Here's How We Made Them:
Step 1 - Enlist lots of help to peel those crayons!
This is the most time consuming part &
I spread it out over a few days because
we had lots of crayons to make.

Step 2: Break the crayons into small pieces

Step 3: Place assorted colors of crayons bits into your baking tin.  You can use whatever you have handy. I keep this heart tin specifically for making our crayons.

Tip: Spray your tin/pan with PAM 
it really helps pop them out in the end!

Step 4: Put into the oven at 250 degrees 
You need only about 8 -10 mins - just until they get melty.

It's so cool to watch the colors collide 
as you take them out of the oven.


Each one was unique.

Tip: Let the crayon molds start to set for a few mins (just so they don't spill) then put the tray of melted crayon in the freezer for a few minutes. It's so much easier to pop them right out the tray & they are ready in mere minutes!

We put a few crayons into each plastic bag 
and added our cute little note -
"You're friendship colors my world.
Happy Valentine's Day!"

The Lil Divas are excited to give these out 
to their classmates/friends as Valentines this year.


This is part of the awesome Collaborative Heart Project Fundraiser
organized by Jaime at hands on : as we grow.


  1. I love the saying you have to go with them. Nice job!

    1. Thank you! I think they will enjoy them. I figured so much candy goes around, we'd try something different they could use. :)

  2. Very Cute, it looks like your girls had fun!
    We enjoy making these with my girls for their classes every year but the house does smell like a Crayola factory while we bake them! LOL : )

    Useful hint I learned the hard way: If you spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray first it's super easy to pop them out.

    I'm curious to know what set of instructions you used for your batch?

    1. Ah yes, I do spray with PAM - I too learned that the hard way, hehe! The very first time I made these, I spent quite some time banging the tray (even used a small hammer) to get my first batch out! I should go back & add that tip in the post to save others the trouble! Thanks for the reminder. :)

      My current "instructions" have come more as a result of my trial & error over the past year. My initial attempt last year during our rainbow theme - was inspired by this post & I went w/those directions -

      I found that it doesn't take 10 mins & I prefer to give them less oven time. I like less color mixing and more of the rainbow colored effect.

  3. What a great idea! We have a huge collection of crayons.

  4. These turned out very pretty! I've never seen a heart shaped tin. I'll have to look for one.

  5. I found heart shaped ice cube trays in the Target dollar aisle today 2 for $2.50.

    1. These are not silicone and will melt. I tried with these once and failed :(.

  6. Those turned out great! I love the rainbow effect too. We do this with a lot of different holidays. Love them!

  7. Cute and Great idea!! Found you via Toys in the Dryer. :)

  8. These really are pretty! What a great gift they would make!

  9. Thank you for sharing them at Sharing Saturday!! We look forward to seeing what you will share next week. Have a great week!

  10. What types of molds had anyone used with success? Metal or Silicone? I want to try this with my students. Thanks!

  11. LOVE iT!! I have lots and lots of crayons, finally a fun way to use them (and to be honest, get rid of them) ...

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